Infrared Thermography

    Thermography is the science of measuring infrared radiation and converting this result
    into measurable temperature. Our engineers uses state-of-the-art thermal imaging
    systems to remotely monitor a variety of mechanical and structural applications. Given
    the ability to map thermal regions of these various items, we can quickly report to plant
    maintenance to avoid costly and catastrophic breakdown of critical components.

    Temperatures are also recorded at various critical areas so that over time trend lines
    are formed to help predict the life expectancy.

    Mechanical and structural applications include:  
    ·        Refractory and insulation wear and breakdown,
    ·        Mechanical component degradation (such as bearing wear, misalignment, etc..)
    ·        Boilers, Furnaces, Steam systems, Heat exchangers
    ·        Buildings and roofs
    ·        These are just a few areas but any application where heat loss or gain is a
    problem can benefit.

    Electrical Applications
    Electrical Systems are another area where Thermography can be effectively applied.
    Faulty connections, load imbalances, and other electrical problems are quickly
    diagnosed and reported to save downtime associated with unexpected electrical
    failures. Energy losses due to defective transformers, switchgear, and relays can be
    easily identified for maintenance to repair.