Vibration Analysis

    Vibration analysis is both a science and an art that can be used to evaluate machinery
    and structural conditions. Whether it’s for tracking everyday health or for determining
    specific suspect problems, vibration analysis lends insight into the unseen forces acting
    upon your machinery. These forces can range from normal to potentially costly and
    dangerous. Vibration analysis can also help assess why your problem exists, not just
    it's severity.

    Why is Vibration Analysis an important factor for your PDM program?

    Vibration analysis compares your machinery levels to established alarm limits and to
    other similar machinery. It predicts problems and allows for a 'Proactive' response to  
    situations before they occur. When equipment is well maintained and operates
    smoothly, you increases operating efficiency and increases company Profitability.

    Vibration analysis can identify and quantify such problems as unbalance, looseness,
    misalignment, bearing faults, gearing faults, electrical faults, resonance, belts drives,
    aerodynamic and hydraulic.

    LBS Reliability Services employs certified vibration analysts who have the experience
    and the proven performance to transform your reactive maintenance programs into
    proactive solutions

    LBS provides several ways for you to reach your maintenance goals:
  • Comprehensive programs built from the ground up
  • Established contract programs
  • Call out analysis
  • Third Party Acceptance Testing
  • Training

    Vibration analysis programs Benefits:
  • Helps avoid costly catastrophic failures.
  • Increases energy savings, quality control, machinery performance and safety.
  • Gives advanced warning of problems, allowing convenient scheduling of repairs.
  • Most importantly, it tells you when to leave a machine alone, not spending  
    unnecessary resources on units that have no problems.