Laser Alignment

    What used to take 8 hours of dial indicating now takes only a matter of minutes.
    Advances in laser alignment equipment and software technology have made it
    possible to get pinpoint accuracy in a fraction of the time.

    If precision alignment of your equipment is indicated…LBS has the laser alignment
    capabilities to meet your needs. Our lasers use the double reverse indicator method
    and are accurate to within .0001 inches.

    Your investment in precision alignment is safeguarded, because LBS only uses
    precision ground stainless steel shims.  A comprehensive written report showing initial
    and final alignment tolerances follows each alignment.

    Why worry about alignment or misalignment?

    A good alignment will increase the operating lifetime of machinery and its components.

    How is this achieved?
    A good alignment will:

  • Reduce heat produced from bending and friction forces.
  • Reduce forces on bearings, seals.
  • Reduction of bearing forces will stabilize the dynamic forces in the rotors and all
    components attached to the rotors.
  • Reduce the forces acting and wearing in the coupling and its components.
  • Reduce possibilities of shaft cracks and failures.
  • Reduce vibration levels on casings, housings, bearings, rotors and anything
    directly attached to this machine.