OIL Analysis - Tribology

    LBS Reliability Services is proud to have formed as strategic alliance with Clark Laboratory
    in Large, PA.

    Clark utilizes the newest technologies and techniques of lubricant analysis to support your
    Predictive Maintenance Program. Our full-service Tribology lab performs the most
    comprehensive testing of in-service lubricants providing associated Wear Debris Analysis
    for true condition monitoring.

    All it takes is a routine 4-ounce sample of oil from your plant machinery.  Clark’s Lubricant
    Analysis Programs provide “Solutions That Keep You Running”

    TLA – Total Lubrication Analysis
    Clark’s test report is the most comprehensive, user-friendly in the industry.
    Lubricant Analysis Services
    ·        Elemental wear analysis
    ·        Load-carry capability measurement
    ·        Lubricant characteristics evaluation
    ·        Wear debris diagnostics
    ·        Lubricant degradation testing
    ·        Service life evaluations
    ·        Quality assurance programs
    ·        Recycle/reclaimed oils evaluations